Our practical sheets

Our practical sheets

Le diagnostic amiante

The mandatory diagnostics

The asbestos diagnosis is mandatory, in case of sale, when the building permit of the sold property was issued before July 1st 1997. It is carried out by a professional diagnostician, according to the terms in force.

The asbestos diagnosis is included in the technical diagnosis file attached to the compromise (or the promise) and then to thedeed of sale.
It provides information to the buyer, who buys with full knowledge of the facts, and knows whether or not the property containsasbestos.

Theasbestos is sought on :

  • - Flockings, insulations, false ceilings (list A).
  • - The hard elements of construction, including roofing, cladding, light facades and conduits in roofing and facade (list B).

Depending on the property sold, the owner provides:

The seller who does not provide the asbestos report cannot exonerate himself from the guarantee of the corresponding hidden defects.